Are you struggling to maintain a nice working environment at your workplace? Is it getting more difficult for you to maintain a good relationship with your subordinates? I probably have understood your problem and here is what I have experienced in the past several years in my career. It doesn’t matter whether you are working as a bottom level manager or a top level executive in your company or you are an entrepreneur working with a couple of team members, it is very important to keep a healthy working environment and maintain a beautiful relationship with your subordinates. So, you must be searching for what action needs to be taken if you want to become a favorite manager to your subordinates. We all know that managing a group of employees is a difficult job as it is always a problem to keep everyone happy. Isn’t it?

What you will learn from this post:

  • How to become a successful manager or a good leader?
  • How to avoid conflict between employee and manager?
  • How to maintain a good and healthy relationship with your subordinates?
  • How to maintain a perfect working environment?
  • How to get works done on time from subordinates?

There are many complicated situations that you may come across while working with your subordinates. There are endless issues that you may face in regular working life and end up with an unhappy working environment. Before we jump into the solution, let us understand what will be the impact of an unhappy working environment or an unhealthy employee and employer relationship. I have highlighted the impacts below –

  • Less productivity : the job satisfaction will directly impact the daily productivity
  • Higher attrition rate: they employees will look for other opportunities and try to leave your organization hence the employee turnover will increase
  • Negative and tensed working environment
  • It will be a risk to your customers and simultaneously an unhappy employee in other way create an unhappy customer
  • Business reputation will be impacted and there are end number of impacts that can be caused by less job satisfaction

Enough talk; let us now discuss the solution. What should we do to make a nice working environment and build a strong bond with your subordinates?

Setting up clear expectation and define job roles

The main conflict starts when there are no job roles defined for a particular position in your company. Setting up a clear expectation from an employee is very important for getting daily work done on time. If the role is not already defined, take the initiative and define the roles and responsibilities as per business requirement for each employee working under you. One the role is defined you can have a meeting and discuss the same with all and rectify if there are any ideas coming from the meeting. Once it is communicated to the team, keep a written document in order to refer to the same in future during review of the performance or during follow-up of the daily work. This way you can set a transparent work expectation and avoid work related conflict.

Arrange proper training if required

Recruitment itself is a challenging job. It’s not easy at all to find a perfect fit for a particular role. Training and development plays an important role here. You need to analyze whether an employee is perfect to complete the assignment given to him or her. Don’t think twice before training them if you feel that it is going to help them perform the job in a better way. It’s not that you have to arrange it every time for every single assignment. You can keep it an ongoing process and make them perfect for the role gradually over a period of time. Continuously train your team members about how they can achieve their goals on time.

should be good at follow-up

Timely follow-up for pending work needs to be done on a regular basis. It has been observed that an assignment can take up to 30% more time if follow-up is not done. So, whatever assignment is given we should move ahead and ask a polite question whether the assignment is completed or not, how much time it will take to deliver, if they are facing any kind of problem etc. Work follow-up doesn’t mean it is only about a push for the work to be done on time. You also need to be open for help if required in any case in order to complete the assignment. This will ensure timely completion of the assignment and will give you an opportunity to interact with your subordinates.

Politeness and behavioral changes

There is a difference between being a boss and being a leader. You might have the power to scold your subordinates for a very small issue but you need to remember we might not want to lose our employees frequently after training them for the role they are currently working. Everyone expects polite and friendly behavior from their manager. So, behave yourself and be friendly. Treat your subordinates like a family member.

Punishment in private and reward in public

Never punish an employee in public. There may be instances like unscheduled leaves, timely attendance, timely completion of work, and behavioral issues of an employee. Whether it is tolerable or intolerable, if you need to take a negative disciplinary actions please do it in private. Call the employees in a private room and discuss things accordingly.

When it comes to giving a reward, always do it in public because it will motivate them to be more productive. You also need to find opportunities to call the team members and appreciate them for any small amount of good work they have done. It will also help you minimize the impact of any negative discipline you have implemented earlier.

Continuous reading habit and learning new things

Learning new things related to your managerial profile is very important if you want to be a role model and would like your subordinates to follow you in their career path. You need to know things can be done before you assign it to someone else. You also need to ensure that you are in a position to help or rather guide your employees if they are stuck in their way. So, keep a good habit of learning new things based on your profile. Your subordinates will start loving you if they get some values from you.

decision making ability to solve work related problems immediately

You should be good at decision making in order to provide instant solutions. If your subordinates are facing any kind of problem related to their work, they will reach out to you for a solution. You have to keep yourself always ready to provide instant solutions. If you are incapable of providing the pathway they will lose confidence in you.

Empathetic nature

In modern days where top level MNCs are more focused on job satisfaction, it is no more related to professional life but also includes personal and family life of an employee. There are many initiatives like health insurance schemes, transportation facilities, medical allowances; family day celebration, child education etc. are being taken by the companies. So, being a manager you also need to be empathetic and try to understand carefully if any of your subordinates are under pressure for some personal issues. Try to help them overcome the situation so that they can come to the office in a free mind and work effectively. This will help connect with each other and build strong bolding with your subordinates.

make an interesting office environment

Boring office environments can lead to job dissatisfaction. There are a couple of initiatives that can be taken in order to make the office environment more attractive. Initiatives like fun activities at work at least once in a week, noise free and decorative office space, birthday celebration, pat on the back and reward activities etc. can be taken on a timely interval.


The list is endless. There are many ways by which you can create a beautiful working environment both for you and your employees as well. However, there is no point in discussing anything if we are not able to implement the ideas. Hence, it is more required to pick one or two ideas at a time and start practicing it in your daily work life. The change will not be visible all of a sudden. It takes time to build the reputation but you can spoil it within a second. But if you are dedicated enough to bring a positive change then definitely it is possible.

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